Secondary School Programme

At Words Kitchen, we strive to develop students' articulation skills in Mandarin through our effective 4-step structure. Starting from 2016, MOE has made changes to the Singapore's O level Higher Chinese and Chinese Syllabus  Paper 3 Oral examination. Students have to watch a video clip and present a related verbal report to the examiner, this is a test of students' ability in establishing their own insights and self expression skills in Mandarin. A higher weightage in the Composition writing and Oral component also means a greater emphasis on students' writing and speaking skills in the Chinese Language examination, and we are committed to fully prepare our students for the challenge.

Lower Secondary   (Express/ Higher Chinese)

Current affairs and critical thinking in Mandarin  

In this programme, students will......

1. Be exposed to current affairs and popular oral topics
2. Develop their own insights and articulation skills 

3. Learn how to read fluently and expressively

Each lesson comprises an oral, compo writing or comprehension practices.


Thurs (5 pm - 630 pm)

$200/ 4 lessons

Upper Secondary (Express/ Higher Chinese)

Oral, compo and comprehension techniques

(O Level Preparation)

In this programme, students will......

1. Acquire excellent writing skills  (Narrative/Argumentative/Situational Writing)
2. Acquire critical comprehension skills

3. Develop their own insights and viewpoints


Each lesson comprises an oral, compo or comprehension practices.

Sat (12 pm - 130 pm)

$220/ 4 lessons

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