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Conversational Mandarin

Learning a foreign language can be an arduous process,and we hear you! At Words Kitchen, we  help our students to integrate Mandarin into their daily life by creating a suitable language environment, in which they can practise their listening and conversational skills. We adopt the methodology of Content and language integrated learning, that enables students to process the foreign language in a natural manner, through engaging hands-on activities.

Learn Mandarin through Bubble Tea making!

(physical lesson)

In this programme, students will......

1. Learn basic Mandarin in a real-life kitchen setting
2. Explore the fun of Boba tea making
3. Practise Mandarin listening and speaking skills

*For students with NO Mandarin background

*Aged 7 and above, adults are welcomed

*Parents can attend with children at a special price

*Minimum 3 students to start

(Last Sunday of every month,  10 am to 5 pm)

Full day course: $99

Conversational Mandarin in real-life setting


In this 12 weeks programme, students will......

1. Master the practical aspects of Mandarin in different context. 

2. Master accurate Mandarin pronunciation

3. Be able to speak Mandarin in different social and work situations

This structured course will be split into four sub-levels, according to the different context and scope.  The full 4 levels of our Conversational Mandarin Course will cover more than 800 Chinese characters, that will enable you to speak Mandarin in different situations.

Sun (12pm-1.30pm )

$200/ 4 lessons

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